Feb 08

Been offline for two weeks…

…and I didn’t even notice it. That shows that I’m too busy with other things like finishing my book and finishing a project at work. Both will be done somewhere in march, so you can expect a new post around that time.

Apart from a new post, I will be paying attention to an older article on this blog about module configuration in Zend Framework. It is still a hot subject, and I have gotten some good questions and remarks from many commenters. I will answer all these questions, show more source code as requested and maybe I’ll even listen to some suggestions. ;-)

Sep 03

Writing a book about Zend Framework

I have been busy with this project for some time, but now I feel that I really have something to say: I have started writing a book about Zend Framework. Yay! Sadly, for all you non Dutch-speaking readers, the book is aimed at the Dutch market and will be written in Dutch. I am writing the book together with a co-writer, named Wouter Tengeler. He has written two (Dutch) PHP books before. The book will be published by Van Duuren Media, a small publisher specialized in technical and management books. It will be part of the series ‘Leer jezelf PROFESSIONEEL…’. The expected publish date will be in the first half of next year.

Sep 03

Some personal news: new job @ Ibuildings

Well, I’m back. I’ve been away on holiday and I have been busy talking to some possible new employers. But then I found out that Ibuildings was looking for a senior software engineer. Ibuildings is the leading PHP authority in the UK and The Netherlands, and is the representative of Zend Technologies in these countries. I’ve had my eye on them for a few years now, because their philosophy about the role of PHP directly mirrors my own. Also, they play an active role in the PHP-community and have a couple of very talented people working for them. I find that an inspiring environment, so I jumped on the opportunity and sent them an e-mail. Well, to make a long story short, I got the job and I am very happy to start at the Utrecht location in the Netherlands on October 2nd!